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Interim statements by the SADC and PAP Election Observer Missions

Find, at the end of this post, links to the preliminary statements by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and Pan-African Parliament (PAP) Election Observer Missions (EOM) to Zimbabwe. We've provided a snapshot of some of what they said below, but you must download and read the statements for the full details.


"There was a low turnout during the runoff compared to the 29 March 2008 harmonised elections"

"The pre-election phase was characterised by politically motivated violence, intimidation, and displacements.

"The process leading up to the presidential run-off elections did not conform to SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections".

"[...] the Mission is of the view that the prevailing environment impinged on the credibility of the electoral process. The elections did not represent the will of the people of Zimbabwe"


"Generally, voter turn-out was relatively low"

"In many polling stations visited by our Mission, it was noted that certain male dominated group intercepted voters and gave them pieces of paper on which they were required to write the serial numbers of their ballots"

"An unusually high percentage of spoilt ballots were recorded in the polling stations where our Mission observed the counting process. Unpalatable messages were written on many of those spoilt ballots"

"In the view of the above the Mission concludes that the current atmosphere prevailing in the country did not give rise to the conduct of free, fair and credible elections"

SADC EOM Preliminary Statement - 29 June 2008
PAP EOM Interim Statement - 29 June 2008