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Who and What is the “Zimbabwe Freedom Movement”?

The struggle for democracy has consumed this country for the past three years, yet the entire community of free thinking Zimbabweans and the Movement for Democratic Change, themselves have remained committed to the course of non-violent change.

Let us not forget that Zanu PF used the ruse of dissident activity in Matabeleland in the 1980’s to allegedly ‘quell the situation’. Thousands were tortured, raped and died in the Gukurahundi under the pretext of unfounded allegation.

Let us not forget the murder of Cain Nkala, a genuine war vet allegedly murdered just hours before he was set to expose the evil methods employed by Zanu PF sponsored thugs.

Let us not forget that Nkala’s murder supplied the pretext for Zanu PF youth to burn down Bulawayo’s Movement for Democratic Change offices, while police idly stood by.

The illegitimate Zanu PF regime is renowned for dirty tricks.

Question the validity of the so called “Zimbabwe Freedom Movement” (ZFM).

Peter Tatchell is undoubtedly committed to the defence of human rights, but we implore him to check his sources.

Let this not be another excuse for Mugabe’s thugs to spread mayhem and terror.

True is the maxim “Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword”.