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Idasa, Addendum to the Review of the COPAC Draft Constitution & Assessing Independent Commissions in the COPAC Draft Constitution of Zimbabwe. 2013.
Z. L. H. for Rights, An Analysis of the COPAC Final Draft Constitution of 1 February 2013 (Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights). 2013.
N. M. Willsmer, Another look at the indigenisation legislation. 2013.
R. A. and Unit, An audit of Zimbabwe's 2013 voters' roll, Research and Advocacy Unit, Harare, 2013.
M. Rukini, Broadening and Deepening Rural Financial Services and Land Banking, Zimbabwe Land Series, 2013. .
M. Monitoring Zimbabwe, Concern over poor voter registration awareness (MMPZ), Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe, Harare, 2013.
M. Rukini, Concluding vision of the future: based on lessons from Zimbabwe’s land reform experiences, Zimbabwe Land Series, 2013. .
COPAC, Constitution of Zimbabwe (Final Draft: 1 February 2013). 2013.
COPAC, Constitution of Zimbabwe (January 2013). 2013.
COPAC, Constitution Parliamentary Select Committee (COPAC) Report on the Final Draft Constitution. 2013.
I. D. A. S. A. RAU, Constitution Scorecard. 2013.
COPAC, COPAC Summary of the Draft Constitution. 2013.
D. Matyszak, A Date with Mugabe: The Timing of the Next General elections, Research and Advocacy Unit, Harare, 2013.
D. Dore, The Economic Puzzle: Land Policy, Structural Transformation, and a Vision for Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Land Series, 2013. .
Sokwanele, Election Results Table: 2013 and 2008 (in Excel format). 2013.
H. R. Watch, The Elephant in the Room: Reforming Zimbabwe’s Security Sector Ahead of Elections, Human Rights Watch, 2013.
S. P. Trust, The End of a Road: The 2013 Elections in Zimbabwe, Solidarity Peace Trust, Durban, 2013.
D. Matyszak, A Fudge Recipe: Determining and Declaring the Results of Zimbabwe's 2013 Presidential Election, 2013. .
D. Doré, Good faith: Zimbabwe's obligations under international law to acquire land and pay just compensation, Zimbabwe Land Series, 2013. .
D. Dore, The Good, The Bad, and The Unworthy: Zimbabwe's Draft Constitution and its Implications for Land Policy, Zimbabwe Land Series, 2013. .
, Horsetrading: A proposal for an electoral pact between the two MDC parties, 2013. .
M. Rukini, Land in a broader perspective of structural economic transformation of Zimbabwean society, Zimbabwe Land Series , 2013. .
MDC, MDC Manifesto: Devolution is the new revolution!. 2013.
M. D. C. -T, MDC-T Manifesto: Election Manifesto 2013. 2013.
E. Resource Centre, “Miracle Votes” – An analysis of the March 2013 Referendum. 2013.
R. A. and Unit, Of Camels, Constitutions, and Elections, 2013. .
T. Hondora, Off the beaten track into the savannah: The Mike Campbell (Pvt) Ltd v The Republic of Zimbabwe ruling imperils SADC investment law. 2013.
P. Zamchiya, Pre-Election Detectors: ZANU PF’s attempt to re-claim political hegemony, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, Harare, 2013.
R. F. K. Center, A Promise in Peril: Widespread Human Rights Violations Threaten Elections in Zimbabwe, Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights (RFK Center), New York, 2013.
D. Matyszak, Proportional Representation: Exploring the Unknown Unknown, 2013. .
Z. Electoral Commission, Registration Centres for Registration of Voters. 2013.
D. Dore, Remaking History: Citizenship, Power, and the Recasting of Heroes and Villains, Zimbabwe Land Series , 2013. .
E. Resource Centre, A report on the state of the mobile voter registration process (ERC), Election Resource centre, Harare, 2013.
D. Dore, Rules of the Game: Land Tenure and the Commercialisation of Smallholder Agriculture, Zimbabwe Land Series , 2013. .
L. R. Foundation, A series of leaflets titled 'Understanding the Draft Constitution', by the Legal Resources Foundation. 2013.
M. Rukini, Time is now for spatial and land use planning and re-building the land administration system in Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Land Series , 2013. .
A. International, "Walk the Talk": Zimbabwe must respect and protect fundamental freedoms during the 2013 harmonized elections, Amnesty International, London, 2013.
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, ZAPU Manifesto: Election Campaign Messages. 2013.
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