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State orchestrated torture in Zimbabwe

Apr 22, 2008 - Comments: 0

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Images taken on 20 April 2008

The email message accompanying these images read:

The attached pics are of a young man (38) from Dzivarasekwa, Harare who was abducted by “soldiers” militia in full combat camoflage kit with fringed hats who beat him for hours with chains and fan belts on his back and chest. Also on his feet and hands.

The reason for this terrible beating is that he transported MDC supporters to the pre election rallies.

Independence Day : 18 April 2008

Apr 18, 2008 - Comments: 0

Morgan Tsvangirai

To my fellow Zimbabweans I cannot speak to you on the national media, but I speak to you from my heart - that freedom comes and your voice and your vote shall be heard.
Morgan Tsvangirai, 17 April 2008

Statement made by President Morgan Tsvangirai: 17 April 2008

Today on the eve of Independence Day in Zimbabwe, I'm here to thank the World for the help you are giving the liberation struggle of our nation.