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Operation Murambatsvina (Drive out Trash)

'The day I was troubled' : a Zimbabwean child's essay

Feb 09, 2008 - Comments: 0

This is a story written by a 14 year old child, a victim of the Zanu PF government's Operation Murambatsvina.We give it to you here, literally in her own words. We've obscured some details to protect the child from potential reprisals.

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1. The day I was troubled

'Mugabe made us into refugees': Murambatsvina victims talk about living in Zimbabwe today

Jun 21, 2007 - Comments: 0

Yesterday was World Refugee Day. Many Zimbabweans have been left homeless and struggling to survive as a result of the government's senseless 'Operation Murambatvina' - a policy of 'clearing out the trash’, which manifested itself in the destruction of homes, trading stalls and the theft of property. What kind of leaders, are these, who destroy peoples' homes at the height of a harsh winter leaving women and children at the mercy of the elements? What kind of mind conceives such an evil and heartless thought?