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Not credible: Zimbabwe's 2013 election results marred by fraud

Aug 19, 2013 - Comments: 0

Zimbabwe has been praised for holding 'peaceful' elections on the 31 July this year, and it is true that the polls were calm in comparison to the terrible violence seen in 2008. But it hides an ugly truth that intimidation prevailed, impacting on the right of citizens to vote freely for a party of their choice, along with a calculated strategy to skew the result to the advantage of the Zanu PF party. We believe that the results declared by the Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC) cannot be viewed as either credible or legitimate for a variety of reasons. We have built a page on our website outlining these many reasons in detail, based on information collated from a variety of sources, because we believe it is important that the truth is told regardless of the outcome, and we believe that it is important that a formal record of fraud exists. This record stands as a criticism of Zanu PF theft and lies, but it also potentially indicts a region and a continent if it once again wilfully turns a blind-eye to abuses against the freedoms that African people are entitled to, and allows democracy to be stolen from the people of Zimbabwe.

Mourning the loss of hope and security in the wake of a shamelessly stolen election: what can we do?

Aug 05, 2013 - Comments: 4

I was ten years old when my two best friends were murdered. I can describe in forensic detail exactly what happened on the day I got the news. I was playing outside on an adult sized bicycle, propelling myself dangerously forward over homemade ramps constructed from breeze bocks and bits of plank while a cross-breed bull-terrier manically yapped and tried to shred my tyres with her teeth. My mother called me and my siblings into the house and asked us to sit down. We were expectant; the seriousness of the occasion was highly unusual and, in fact, has never been repeated in the rest of my life. My father walked in and with a focussed calmness I will never ever forget said, "I have bad news. There is a possibility that [names withheld] are dead". I remember his hands were shaking and that he lifted one of them to touch his forehead as he spoke. And I remember that just as he said the words he looked away from us over our heads and into the yard outside.


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