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An eyewitness account of elections in Zimbabwe

I travelled up to Zimbabwe on Tuesday the 25th March to help the MDC Tsvangirai faction with election preparations. I volunteered to help three candidates , Joseph Mutsvanga from Zvimba East, Knox Danda from Zimbabwe West and Edward Musumbu from Norton.(For those who don't know, Zvimba is +/- 80 kilometers from Harare and is the area where Robert Mugabe was born. As such it is regarded as the ZANU PF heartland). The job I was given was to help prepare food packs for the MDC polling agents and to assist with deployment of the agents on the Friday before the election.

Knox Danda was unable to attend our final planning meeting on the Friday morning: he had been placed under house arrest by Nelson Samkange -the ZANU PF candidate. (Samkange was the former governor for Mashonaland West.)

He was told that he would be beaten or killed if he left his house to campaign on the Friday - or rather what remained of his house. Half of Knox's house was burnt down by Samkange's thugs on Thursday the 13th March in an attack that followed an MDC rally. Knox had reported the incident to the police station +/- 15 kilometres away but unfortunately the Police said they were unable to attend. Two weeks later and still the police had not reacted to the arson, despite being given the names of the perpetrators. Busy busy busy these Zimbabwean policemen.

Knox sent three of his polling agents to attend our planning meeting in his absence. All had been beaten by Samkange's thugs at the rally on the 13th. Once again the police had not yet been able to respond to the reports of assaults.

After we finished our planning meeting, I took one of the beaten polling agents to see one of the Election Observer teams. We got in to see the Pan African Parliament observer team. I explained to them that our candidate was unable to campaign on the last day before elections.

Whilst they agreed that this was indeed unfortunate, they said they were unable to leave their office in the Meikles Hotel. I said that this was unacceptable. They suggested I return at one o'clock to meet with the head of their delegation, the Honourable Khumalo. This I did.

The Honourable Khumalo agreed that the fact that our candidate had his house burnt down was unfortunate; ditto his inability to campaign; ditto the numerous beatings that had been meted out to MDC supporters.

But he was unfortunately unable to travel to Zvimba to meet with Knox. The soonest he would be able to do so would be the Sunday- the day after the election. Take it or leave it. I said I'd take it and made arrangements to take him out on the Sunday to show him the ruins of both Knox's house and his election campaign.

Whilst I was meeting with the observers, deployment of the agents was taking place.

With our limited resources - 3 pickup trucks and a Mazda sedan - deploying close under 700 brave men and women across the width and breadth of the three constituencies was a mammoth task that took the whole of Friday night; it did not pass without incident.

At 2 o'clock in the morning at Hilbre Estates in the Zvimba East constituency one of our drivers was brutally assaulted by a Central Intelligence Organization operative by the name of Francis Mutandariwa - coincidentally both a close relative of Robert Mugabe and a candidate in the Local Government elections. Mutandirwa chased the MDC driver in his pickup truck and tried to run him off the road on numerous occasions. The assault was reported to the Nybaria Police Station but they were too busy to react.

John Stanton, a friend from Johannesburg, and I set out early on the Saturday morning with Nixon the chief election agent and two other polling agents to check that all the MDC polling agents at the one hundred and forty off polling stations were in place and that there was no fenookery on the go. Alas. We bumped into said fernookery at one of the first polling stations we visited - Gwebi College.

We found a party on the go in the room right next to the polling station. The party/ beer drink was being hosted by Frank Sada, the incumbent ZANU PF councillor. Nixon felt that the sight of ZANU PF luminaries swilling beer in full sight of queuing voters could be construed as being intimidatory. The presiding officer, a government employee, felt different. And so we set off in search of an election observer.

Eventually we found what I think was the only observer assigned to Zvimba East and Zvimba West constituencies - an area of +/- 1000 square kilometres- at a polling station called Royden Farm.

We also found Patrick Zhwao, the incumbent ZANU PF member of parliament and yet another Mugabe nephew there. ( I know hamsters with smaller extended families.) A charming dread locked young man with designer jeans, pointy Italian shoes and a crocodile smile, Patrick engaged John and I in light hearted banter. He wanted to know why we had chosen a losing party to support. I suggested that given the fact the votes hadn't been counted that his observations were premature - unless of course he knew something I didn't.

We left Zhwao and went to where the lonely observer was sitting to complain about the beer drink at the Gwebi polling station. The observer tut tutted quietly but unfortunately, due to a lack of transport, he wasn't going to be able to react. I offered him a lift. But unfortunately with voters streaming into the Royden Farm polling station at a rate of about five an hour he wasn't going to be able to leave Royden. Alas.

Zhwaoa , who I am sure listened in on our conversation, left the polling station with his groupies in his shiny brand spanking new double cab. After another five minutes spent with Nixon trying to persuade the observer to do his duty, we followed suit.

After a kilometre we were waved down by a group of very young children. They warned us the road was blocked, and so it was; by Patrick Zhuwao.

I assured John that Zhuwao wouldn't try anything on polling day. My sphincter wasn't so sure and urged me to flee. Being a devout coward with a pain threshold as low as the thugs in Zhuwao's car, I was very keen to heed my sphincter's advice, but alas I couldn't. The road we were on was too narrow to overtake and we were forced to follow Zhwao as he crept along at 20 kilometres an hour. Ever the optimist I figured he was nursing the aforementioned shiny new car.

About 300 meters from the main road Patrick , with a his crocodile smile, pulled over and waved us on. I pulled on to the main road with a huge sense of relief. Alas. Mutandariwa, the other Mugabe nephew, was waiting for us with a truck full of fist waving thugs. My sphincter took over and we fled - at speeds I did not know my Tata pick up was capable of. At times we were driving at 160 kilometers an hour, over some of the worst roads I have ever driven on. With Mutandariwa and friends right up my almost busy bum. And every time I looked in the rear view mirror, Nixon and his polling agents were throwing 'Vote For Morgan' stickers at Mutandariwa. Super. More reason for the veins on the man's neck to stick out.

We were fifty kilometres from Harare. I headed for Meikles Hotel with its rooms bulging full of busy busy observers. Alas. On the outskirts of Harare I bumped into a police road block. I toyed with the idea of running the block like they do in the movies but once again my sphincter prevailed and I didn't. The police waved us down.

Before we could explain ourselves to the police, Mutandawira roared up. He identified himself as Military Intelligence and grabbed my car keys and John and my passports. He told the cops to holds us whilst he went off reinforcements. In Zimbabwe C.I.O. or Charley Ten as they are more commonly known, do not have powers of arrest. I begged the young policeman who was in charge of the road block to not let Mutandawira to take us away when he returned. He was a very brave young man and he stood his ground when Mutandawira and another car full of thugs returned. He told them that he would affect the arrest and that he would hand us over to his superior in the Traffic Department at Harare Central.

Long story cut short - we ended up in the Law Order offices - another reason for my sphincter to announce its presence. Law and Order handle political crimes and were the ones who beat Morgan to within an inch of his life.

Thankfully John and I were travelling on foreign passports. During the crazy car chase John had banged off a million text messages to observers, the media, Tendai Biti and Roy Bennet of the MDC and anyone else he could think of.

The Chief Superintendent of the Law and Order section, a charming gentleman who had obviously never quite got over the fact that his mother never loved him, didn't bother to ask for our version of events. He preferred the C.I.O. version which had us distributing MDC campaign materials at polling stations. We pointed that the police at those polling stations would surely have arrested us on the spot. Undaunted he ordered us to be fingerprinted; we also had to fill out Accused Profiles. The bit about what crimes we were being accused of remained blank.

Eventually the lawyers that Tendai Biti organized arrived. They were amazing and had obviously been there and done that a million times. We weren't their only clients in the Law and Order section that night. They were looking after some dastardly fiends accused of waving (the pen hand is the main MDC slogan) and even Chipo Chung -the daughter of Fay Chung, Mugabe's former Minister of Education, who had committed the heinous crime of taking a camera to within 300 meters of a polling station. She never took a photo but just having the camera was enough to get thrown into cells for the night.

At 10 o'clock the next morning we were finally asked to give statements. Whilst doing this a junior policeman received a phone call. She listened intently, hung up and told us that we had won. She gave a little dance of celebration and then hugged us. The MDC had won. The phone call had been from a friend at the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

I burst into tears. Morgan and the MDC had cleaned up in both the House of Assembly and Presidential races.

The only good thing that Thabo Mbeki managed to achieve in his months of negotiations was to force Mugabe to allow the vote count to be posted outside each and every polling station. And each and every Constituency Command Post, in full view of the people of Zimbabwe who did the sums. Morgan and his MDC faction won more than 60%.

But the mood soured when a senior police officer entered the room. He was also crying but his weren't tears of joy. His career as a torturer was nearing an end.

Another long story cut short... at about twelve o'clock we were given our passports back and told that we were free to go - without the keys of the mighty Tata unfortunately. I will have to go back and fetch that another day.

John and I flew out on a plane at 6 o'clock.

We left behind a lot of brave people who didn't have the luxury of foreign passports that they could hide behind. Like Knox Danda who phoned me on the Sunday, still too frightened to leave what remains of his home but still waiting for the Honourable Khumalo to come out and rescue him. Alas. I fear that he is still waiting.

I see the Honourable Khumalo and his Pan African Parliament team have since described the elections as being largely free and fair. I sit here in SA watching the farce as Mugabe's commits a massive crime and steals a whole country.

But an even bigger crime will be committed by the South African government if they let him get away with it.

Sokwanele received this first-hand testimony by email


Sandra says:

It's now not the first time you hear the voices of people (on internet) who got phonecalls from insiders of ZEC who told shortly after the vote giving that Tsvangirai got around 60% or something. And now the arrests of these people...What can I say more for the moment. Hope that truth will come out soon.

Submitted by Sandra on 8 April 2008 - 11:44pm
brooklynzim says:

thank you for an incredible and inspiring story. it is courage like this that is freeing Zimbabwe. the end is around the corner and it is actions like yours and those of tens of thousands of others on election day that is helping us get to that place.

Submitted by brooklynzim on 9 April 2008 - 12:03am
Beth says:

Would it help to have a pertition going to SADCC, AU Thabo Mbeki and anyone who might be able to be of influence to save our country in this period of impasse. I am going crazy and wish there was something practical that I could do.

Submitted by Beth on 9 April 2008 - 12:19am
Kevin says:

Thanks for sharing that (horrific) first-hand account.

For those of us outside Zimbabwe trying to make sense of the Presidential results, could anyone comment on the reliability/credibility of the two bodies claiming to be 'independent'?

According to the PVT at, Morgan Tsvangirai won 50.3% (the figure apparently accepted by Mr. Tsvangirai, making him the outright winner)

According to, Morgan Tsvangirai won with 49.4% (supposedly, the figure accepted by Zany-PF, justifying a run-off).

Is the Zimbabwe Election Support Network actually independent and credible? What is the difference between the two 'independent' organizations?

Thanks for any help with this.

Submitted by Kevin on 9 April 2008 - 3:59am
vincent says:

I have always wondered why this govt thinks its legitimate for it to continue holding onto power when they lack the mandate to govern and it has made me realise that they believe that this country of ours is God gven to them to ruin.Can you imagine even the most iliterate so called war vet thinks he has a right to invade some one s'land and claim it as his yet numerous farms have been invaded and now are dust bowls after the fruits of ones labour has been removed they are unable todo anything with the land.Such is our story CRY THE BELOVED COUNTRY

Submitted by vincent on 9 April 2008 - 10:55am
vincent says:

Kevin according to my understanding the zesn s results was based on a sampling of some 400 or so polling station which showed that variance .In other words the data collected might not be what is on the ground.The mdc finding as supported by zimelectionresults could be closer to the truth.However a point of caution it is possible that the results for MT could be highier than the projection by the mdc and zimresults.Why do I say that there are a number of pointers on the ground namely(1) the failure to announce the results up to now(2)the idea being touted of a run off even before we know the results(3)the fact that zpf has started to cllect the 4900 votes even before announcement of results in abid to bring down MTs'totals and lastly(4) zpf appears to be in a quandry as to what to do as of now we have no govt mugabe is ruling but without appearing to do so because he knows that he does not have the legal right to do so.That would be my reading of the situation on the ground I might be wrong but I doubt it very much.

Submitted by vincent on 9 April 2008 - 3:13pm
Kevin says:

Many thanks, Vincent.

The prolonged delay makes me wonder, also, where the real power lies at this stage? No doubt, Mugabe is still a formidable figure, but an 84-year old can only have so much mental and physical energy.

Are other Zanu-PF and/or army people actually calling the shots? No doubt, huge personal interests (especially financial) may depend on the outcome.

Submitted by Kevin on 9 April 2008 - 4:16pm
zongweni says:

These are the names of the Mugabe criminals,"War Veterans" etc who are currently carrying out their evil masters orders. These names must be remembered when the traitor mugabe is deposed.

Harare Metropolitan Province
AVM Karakadzai + CIO

Bulawayo Province Col. C. Sibanda
Bulawayo central Maj. J. Ndhlovu
Maj. J. Ncube

Manicaland and Mutare South Brig. Tarumbwa
Buhera Central Col. M. Mzilikazi (MID)
Buhera North Maj. L. M. Svosve
Buhera South Maj. D. Muchena
Buhera West Lt. Col. Kamonge
Major Nhachi
Chimanimani East Lt. Col. Murecherwa
Chimanimani West Maj. Mabvuu
Headlands Col. Mutsvunguma
Makoni North Maj. V. Chisuko
Makoni South Wing Commander Mandeya
Mutare Central Lt. Col. Tsodzai
Lt. Col. Sedze
Mandi Chimene
Mutare West Lt. Col. B. Kashiri
Mutare North Lt. Col. Chizengwe
Lt. Col. Mazaiwana

Mashonaland Central Brig. Gen. Shungu
Bindura South Col. Chipwere
Bindura North Lt. Col. Parwada
Muzarabani North Lt. Col. Kazaza
Muzarabani South Maj. H. Maziri
Rushinga Col. F. Mhonda
Lt. Col. Betheuni
Shamva North Lt. Col. Dzuda
Shamva South Makumire

Midlands AVM Muchena
Brig. Gen. S. B. Moyo
Lt Colonel Kuhuni
Chirumhanzu South Maj T. Tsvangirai
Mberengwa east Col. B. Mavire
Mberengwa West Maj T. Marufu

Matebeleland South AVM Abu Basutu
Beit Bridge East Group Cpt. Mayera
Rtd. Maj. Mbedzi
Lt. Col. B. Moyo
Gwanda South Maj J. D. Moyo
Gwanda Central Maj. B. Tshuma
Matopo North Lt. Col. Maphosa

Matebeleland North Brig. Gen. Khumalo
Binga North Maj E. S. Matonga
Lupane East Lt Col. Mkwananzi
Lupane West Lt Col. Mabhena
Tsholotsho Lt. Col. Mlalazi
Hwange Central Lt. Col P. Ndhlovu

Masvingo Province Maj. Gen. E. A. Rugeje
Rtd. Maj. Gen. Gibson Mashingaidze
Rtd. Brig. General Rangwani

Bikita West Maj. B. R. Murwira
Chiredzi Central Col G. Mashava
Chiredzi West Maj. E. Gono
Gutu South Maj. Chimedza (Medical Doctor)
AVM Muchena
Masvingo Lt. Col. Takavingofa
Mwenezi West Lt. Col. Muchono
Mwenezi East Lt. Col. Mpabanga
Zaka East Maj. R. Kwenda

Mash West Province Brig. Gen. Sigauke
Chinhoyi Col Gwekwerere
Chegutu East Lt. Colonel W. Tutisa
Hurungwe East Lt. Col. B. Mabambe
Mhondoro Mubaira Col. C. T. Gurira
Zvimba North Cpt. T. Majongwe

Mashonaland East Brig. Gen. D. Nyikayaramba
Rtd. Brig Gen Rungani
Chikomba Central Lt. Col. Marara
Gromonzi North Lt Col. Mudzimba
Maj F. Mbewe
Marondera Central Maj. Gen. Chedondo (COSG)
Lt. Col B. Kashiri
Marondera West Squadron Leader U. Chitauro
Murehwa South Maj. Gurure
Murehwa North Lt. Col. Mukurazhizha
Lt. Col. Chinete

In total, 200 serving senior officers of the armed forces will be participating in the exercise. They will be commanding other war veterans and Zanu pf thugs.

The teams will be deployed on 8th April 2008 to campaign for RG Mugabe in the run off under the guise of war veterans. With the exception of two, all the deployed officers are senior serving officers of the armed services. It is understood that Lt. Gen. PV Sibanda will command the operation with the assistance of Maj. Gen. Nick Dube. General Chiwenga will be the overall commander of the operation. He is being assisted by Maj. Gen Last Mugova and Col. S. Mudambo

Submitted by zongweni on 9 April 2008 - 8:26pm
Erin says:

I have got an email from a Rose moyo in Gwanda zimbabwe trying to transfer a huge amount of money to me and I know it is pretty sure a scam and do not know how they have gotten my email or information I have donated to africa through many agencies, it is talking about her husband being executed by the presidents aides and begging me to let money transfer has anyone heard anything about this before?

Submitted by Erin on 24 April 2008 - 7:38pm
419 says:

It's a 419 scam. Ignore it. They hook onto whatever is in the news and like vultures claim to know the victims etc. Disgusting.

Visit here:

Submitted by 419 on 24 April 2008 - 7:42pm

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Latest comments

Mourning the loss of hope and security in the wake of a shamelessly stolen election: what can we do?

Kenneth Donald : 09 August 2013

Bless you Rose for your gracious e-mail and your prayerful concern for your people of Zimbabwe. As a Christian in Scotland,we pray for Zimbabwe at thisdifficult & painful time. May the Lord...

M.Spinks : 07 August 2013

Thank you for your words - as a Zimbabwean living in the UK now, I have been feeling very depressed about the election results and also angry with the corrupt, immoral and insane ZANU-PF party....

Eugene Visser : 06 August 2013

Brilliantly sad article. 

Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

I stab at...

Debra : 06 August 2013

Thank-you for writing this beautiful heartfelt letter, for sharing what you have shared. It is so unbelievably wrong that your lives in your country are held 'hostage' by this farcical power-...

Rose Brent : 06 August 2013

Reading this has brought back so many unhappy memories and hopes and dreams that have been shatered.... I can hear and feel your pain. I too am a Zimbabwean and am treated like I am an Alien...

Ros Lindley : 06 August 2013

I am not Zimbabwean, but I applaud your bravery to speak out.  I wish you well and I apologise for my president's congratulations of the elections and the result.  My prayers and love are with you...

TERENCE fRENCH : 06 August 2013

Another stolen election, and confirmation that the choice to emigrate frommy homeland has been justified by history. What a cruel oppressive government.

Estelle O'Reilly : 05 August 2013

A few weeks before the elections, my husband and I checked online to see if we were registered to vote. We were both registered, and under Ward 10 in Kadoma Central. When we got inside, I was on...

Anonymous : 05 August 2013

This article captures my feelings at the moment perfectly. Thank you so much for writing this. The people of Zimbabwe are not stupid, and we can hope that in the end justice will prevail. The...

ZANU PF Manifesto: Team Zanu PF 2013

Musimuvi : 07 August 2013

Doe it not hurt to work up and find your self so wrong, now that the results are out. Next time please do not speak on behalf of the people whom you seem to have completely no clue about.

Sometimes I hate to be Zimbabwean

Nhamodzenyika Freedom : 07 August 2013

Simon great article know that you do not stand alone  there are lots of zimbabweans who feel the same way

Statement by the Government of Botswana on the 2013 Election in the Republic of Zimbabwe

buxus-hans : 06 August 2013

oneparty claims victory; it is all a lie and the bill will come as investors now pull out of Zimbabwe.Which means more hardship for the families who already have a hard life....

Declaration by the High Representative Catherine Ashton on behalf of the EU on the elections in Zimbabwe

Abel Rumbwere : 05 August 2013

new look zimbabwe

marco camoronezi : 04 August 2013

Congratulations to Zimbabwe for a peaceful election that certainly deserves thumps up from all corners of the globe.After all this is an election like no other but one that is bound to be...

judy van aard : 04 August 2013

Anybody who believes it was free and fair whn it was so obviouslyy

ririgged is a complete idiot. ZANU had it so tied up they didn't even to use violence. SADSADC and the AU worship Mugabe...

President Tsvangirai’s statement to the press after the MDC national council meeting, Harare, 3 August 2013

mucha : 03 August 2013

Mr Tsvangson, pliz accept defeat and that will retain credibility as a leader. You didn't do your home work properly. You didn't encourage your supporters to register and relied on the same voters...

ZEC Results: announced 1 August 2013

mafana : 02 August 2013

Zim political parties should think about the people's welfare and not self willed personal interests.Voter margins show in mos places a united front would have brought about a different result.

When youths become too important

ZANDILE : 01 August 2013

Finally, somebody shares my thoughts! I feel sorry for these youths and their parents.

This time I will rise up

Immie : 31 July 2013

God bless you. You have my support.

Forces of evil lurking in the dark

True Grit : 31 July 2013

One can only hope that the result will be a positive one for Zimbabwe's future.