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Take Action : Demand that all abducted people in Zimbabwe are returned safe and well

Zimondi must go - send a spoof apology 23 April 2009: Memorise the names of those violating Dhlamini and Mudzingwa's rightsWe've received more information from a Harare activist giving us an update on what's happening to Chris Dhlamini and Ghandi Mudzingwa. To remind you, Dhlamini and Mudzingwa were both granted bail on Friday last week. Our emailer tells us that the bail conditions were:
"US $1000, report to nearest police station on a Friday between 6 am and 6 pm, and don't interfere with witnesses. They are to appear in court on 30th April, 2009 for further remand".

As a result of of receiving bail, the prison guards left the hospital where both Mudzingwa and Dhlamini are being treated (for horrific torture injuries inflicted upon them by State agents). Mudzingwa and Dhlamini spent Saturday and Sunday on their own, unguarded. On Monday 20th, as we reported in this post here, the two men received visits from three men we named - Detective Chief Inspector Ntini, Detective Inspector Muchada, and Detective Assistant Inspector Mukwaira- our emailer has provided a fourth name and further information on where the men are based and their roles. See summary below:

Detective Chief Inspector Ntini - Harare Central Law and Order Detective Inspector Muchada - Harare Central Law and Order (refused Chris Dhlamini food while he was in the cells) Detective Assistant Inspector Mukwaira - Harare Central Law and Order Chief Superintendent Magwenzi - CID Fraud Squad (one of the main actors in Chris Dhamini's torture and waterboarding at Goromonzi)

We believe there was a fifth man who visited the men as well, still unnamed, but when we do get his name we will publish it. As you can see from the summary above, two of the men in particular have serious questions to answer with regards their treatment of Chris Dhlamini and possibly other abductees as well. Dhlamini went without proper food for 30 days. Torture, as we have said before, is illegal in Zimbabwe. These men acting on behalf of the State are guilty of crimes, but they are walking free and not being held accountable for what they have done to Zimbabwe citizens who are entitled to full protection under Zimbabwean law. Our emailer tells us that when Dhlamini challenged Muchada (on this most recent visit), pointing out that he was one of the people who denied him food, Muchada apparently responded "Oh no, things were bad then". We reported on Tuesday that after the five men left, they were replaced by eight prison guards from Chikurubi Maximum security prison (9.30pm). Today we learn that they were brought to the hospital by Chief Superintendent Tarwirei who claimed he was acting on "instructions from above". When it was pointed out to him that the men had been granted bail and did not need guarding. Tarwirei asked for proof. The following day, the harassment continued. On Tuesday at 3.30 pm our emailer tells us that a young man in scruffy clothing was seen wandering around outside their ward. When he was asked who he was, he identified himself as Sargeant Jasper Musademba from Harare Central Police Law and Order section. The on-duty Prison Officer, Gurajera, asked Musademba why Chris Dhlamini and Ghandi Mudzingwa should be have prison guards when they had been granted bail and Musademba replied: "it is political, just keep guarding them". The next shift of prison guards again asked Chris Dhlamini and Ghandi Mudzingwa for documents confirming their bail, but the two men did not have them. The activist who emailed us said that the Prison officer decided to take the guards out of the ward and sit outside the door. Apparently he did not want to intrude on their personal space when he did not have proof that in fact they should still be under guard. The following shift of prison guards did the same thing. On Wednesday, at around 2.30pm, the prison guards were removed. But by 5pm Musademba and two Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operatives had positioned themselves outside the ward in their place. We are  advised by the acivist who emailed us that a further six CIO operatives were in the car park of the hospital. Our emailer said "Fortunately lawyers and other visitors were present and remained in the ward for some hours" - implying that their presence possibly helped keep the men safe. At 6.20 pm Musademba and the CIO operatives were replaced by two policemen from Harare Central. As the activist who emailed us wrote:

"The modus operandi of the CIO and Law and Order operatives is well known and sinister. The physical security of Chris Dhlamini and Gandi Mudzingwa is at great risk and their continued harrassment by these State Agents is an indication that their intention is to abduct and eliminate Chris Dhlamini and Ghandi Mudzingwa."
It is very important that we all monitor this story closely, for the safety of the men. Please email the details to everyone you know, and if you know people in the media, please bring this story to their attention. High publicity will make it harder for the two men to 'disappear' with impunity. Memorise the names of the perpetrators - they must known in no uncertain terms that they will be held accountable if something happens to these two men.

We must remind you that around the same time all the abductees were first adbucted, seven other people were taken too. The names of those who have survived to tell the tale are becoming well known to many of us. We must remember the names of those who are still missing, possibly murdered. Someone is responsible for their absence and that person must be held accountable for what they have done. Don't forget the names of

Gwenzi Kahiya – abducted 29 October 2008 in Zvimba Ephraim Mabeka – abducted 10 December 2008 in Gokwe Lovemore Machokoto – abducted 10 December 2008 in Gokwe Charles Muza – abducted 10 December 2008 in Gokwe Edmore Vangirayi – abducted 10 December 2008 in Gokwe Graham Matehwa – abducted 17 December in Makoni South Peter Munyanyi – abducted 13 December 2008 in Gutu South

8 April 2009: Last three abductees in custody denied bail An update on the political abductees: Three of the people who were abducted by the state last year are still in custody - Shadreck Andresson Manyere is the only one still being held in appalling conditions at Chikurubi Maximum Security. The other two, Chris Dhlamini and Gandhi Mudzingwa, are being held at Avenues Clinic in Harare. All three were denied bail earlier this week - SWRA has more details. Gandhi Mudzingwa filed another High Court application yesterday afternoon, still seeking his release from custody on bail (via The Zimbabwe Times). Read our article titled 'Zimbabwe's prisons are death-traps'. Provides a comprehensive insight into the many atrocities Zimbabwe's prisoners are confronted with on a daily basis. 1 April 2009: Update on all abductees - Veritas This update on the status of all those abducted in Zimbabwe, was circulated by Veritas. It is worth noting that three remain in custody - Gandhi Mudzingwa, Chris Dhlamini and Andrisson Manyere. Of those three, Andrisson Manyere, a photo journalist, is the only person still being held in appalling conditions at Chikurubi. Update on Peace Workers The State is persisting with criminal charges against Jestina Mukoko and Broderick Takawira of the Zimbabwe Peace Project. The third abducted peace worker, Pascal Gonzo, was released without charge in January. Update on Prosecution of Political Abductees The “recruiter group” Jestina Mukoko and Broderick Takawira together with seven others, Fidelis Chiramba, Concillia Chinanzvavana, Emmanuel Chinanzvavana, Pieta Kaseke, Violet Mupfuranhehwe, Collen Mutemagau and Audrey Zimbudzana], are being charged with recruiting people for training in banditry, insurgency, sabotage or terrorism [Criminal Law Code, section 24]. The penalty if convicted is imprisonment, possibly for life. They last appeared in court on 20th March and were remanded until 9th April. On that date the State is expected to have fixed a definite date for their trial before the High Court in the session commencing in May – and to be ready to serve the documents indicting them for trial. The defence lawyers have warned that if no trial date is given on the 9th April they will apply for the charges to be dismissed. The “bomber group” Gandhi Mudzingwa, Chris Dhlamini and Andrisson Manyere, Chinoto Zulu, Zachariah Nkomo, Mapfumo Garutsa and Regis Mujeyi are facing charges of sabotage based on the bombing of police stations and railway lines in 2008 [Criminal Law Code, section 23]. The penalty is imprisonment, possibly for life. Their lawyer represented them at a magistrates court hearing on 24th March when they were further remanded until 30th April. On that date the State has said it will serve them with papers indicting them for trial before the High Court on 29th June. Of this group Andrisson Manyere, the photo journalist, is still being held in appalling conditions at Chikurubi maximum security prison, and Gandhi Mudzingwa and Chris Dhlamini are under guard in the Avenues Clinic, having been refused bail by the High Court. They have been granted leave to appeal to the Supreme Court against the refusal of bail, but their lawyer has been unable to get a date for the hearing. Under Zimbabwe law, in principle, all appeals for bail applications are deemed urgent. These three have been detained by the State since December and been trying to get bail since the middle of February. The other four in this group are on bail. No Trace of the Other “Disappeared” This week the MDC-T issued a statement expressing its continuing concern over the fate of the seven other abductees who disappeared on various dates in October and December 2008 and have still not been accounted for by the police or State security. The persons named are Gwenzi Kahiya – abducted 29 October 2008 in Zvimba, Ephraim Mabeka – abducted 10 December 2008 in Gokwe, Lovemore Machokoto – abducted 10 December 2008 in Gokwe, Charles Muza – abducted 10 December 2008 in Gokwe, Edmore Vangirayi – abducted 10 December 2008 in Gokwe, Graham Matehwa – abducted 17 December in Makoni South, Peter Munyanyi – abducted 13 December 2008 in Gutu South. Torture of “State Witnesses” Lloyd Tarumbwa, Fani Tembo and Terry MusonaIt has now emerged that the three abductees who were held by in “protective custody” as State witnesses are alleging that they were tortured while held. Lloyd Tarumbwa, Fani Tembo and Terry Musona were part of the group kidnapped from their homes in Banket, Mashonaland West province at the end of October. They say they were severely tortured and subjected to inhumane treatment by State security agents. They were also denied food and medical treatment and their right to access to lawyers, and they were not taken to court in the four months they were incarcerated. Tarumbwa said: "In fact when we told the persecutors that we wanted access to a lawyer or to be brought before the courts, we were severely beaten, threatened with death and denied food for up to two days." They were eventually released following a High Court order in early March. Roy Bennett On 18th March Roy Bennett appeared at Mutare Magistrates Court for routine remand and was remanded out of custody [he is on bail] until 21st April. As soon as the court hearing was over, he rushed to Harare to be sworn in as a Senator that afternoon. He has not yet been sworn in as Deputy Minister of Agriculture – reportedly because President Mugabe has refused to complete the appointment of a Deputy Minister who is facing serious criminal charges.

Let's send a clear message that these sort of horrific activities carried out by the Zanu PF Junta have to be stopped. Let's join forces and fight for all the people who have risked so much to fight for us and for a peaceful democratic future for Zimbabwe. We are calling on everyone, asking them to demand that the Zanu PF regime is held to account by SADC  and AU leaders for the missing people; we demand the safe return of all the abducted people immediately.

HOTLINE NUMBERS TO CALL WITH ANY INFORMATIONIf you have information on any of the missing people listed on this page - please call these numbers
+263 11 619 749 +263 11 635 755 +263 11 635 448 +263 11 619 746/7/8

8 January 2008: Amnesty International calls for immediate and unconditional release of Mukoko and other activists - read more

Take ACTION now! AI LOGORECOMMENDED ACTION from Amnesty International (download PDF version of appeal here): Please send appeals to arrive as quickly as possible, in English or your own language:
  • expressing grave concern over the abduction or arrest of Jestina Mukoko, the director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project, who was forcibly taken from her home by people believed to be state security agents on 3 December 2008;
  • calling on the Zimbabwean authorities to not to ill treat her.
  • calling on the Zimbabwean authorities to allow Jestina Mukoko access to her lawyer, family as well as food, water, warm clothes and medication;
  • stating that Amnesty International considers that Jestina Mukoko is solely detained for expressing her views, without advocating violence, and considers her a prisoner of conscience. Amnesty International therefore calls for her immediate and unconditional release;
  • calling on the Zimbabwean authorities to immediately end its practice of enforced disappearances and follow international standards on arrest and detention for persons under criminal investigation;
  • expressing concern about continued harassment and intimidation of human rights defenders and political activists by the Zimbabwean security forces;
  • calling on the Zimbabwean authorities to immediately investigate all those responsible for the enforced disappearances, including those who sanctioned it and bring them to account.

APPEALS TO: (It may be difficult to get through to Zimbabwe by fax so please keep trying, alternatively send letters)

President Robert G. Mugabe Office of the President Munhumutapa Building Samora Machel Avenue Box 7700 Causeway Harare, Zimbabwe Fax: + 263 4 734644 Salutation: Dear President

Commissioner General of Police Augustine Chihuri Zimbabwe Republic Police General Head Quarters PO Box 8807 Causeway Harare Zimbabwe Fax: + 263 4 253 212 Salutation: Dear Commissioner

Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces : General Constantine Chiwenga Ministry of Defence H/Q Defence House cnr Kwame Nkhuruma 3rd Street Private Bag 7713 Causeway, Harare Zimbabwe Fax: + 263 4 796762 Salutation: Dear General

Attorney General : Justice Bharat Patel Office of the Attorney General Private Bag 7714 Causeway Harare Zimbabwe Fax: + 263 4 777 049 Salutation: Dear Attorney General


Zimbabwe Peace Project PO Box BE 427 Belvedere Harare Zimbabwe Fax: +263 4 778311

Ambassade de la République du Zimbabwe : Square Joséphine Charlotte 11, 1200 Bruxelles Fax : 02.762.96.05 Fax : 02.775.65.10 Email : [1]

Further actions

1. Email SADC and the AU and point out to them that these abductions violate Article XVIII of the Interparty Political Agreement which is meant to ensure the security of persons and prevention of violence. Visit our Action Contact Database and click on our current action initiative - 'Demanding the release of Jestina Mukoko and all Zimbabwe's abductees' - to gather the contact details you need. 2. Write appeal letters and email them to These appeal letters will be sent to the Government and members of the local, regional, and international comunity. 3. Click 'Share This' on our Jestina Mukoko widget, then copy and paste the code to embed the widget  on your blog, on your website, and on social networking sites like Facebook, Bebo and Blogger. Ask other websites to carry the widget too. Click the email link on the widget that appears when you click 'share this' - and email everyone you know; ask them to get involved. Then be sure to watch the widget for updates, and be ready to respond. 4. If you have a Facebook account, help raise awareness by donating your profile status to this cause. Change your status to read "(Your name) is donating his/her status to demand the safe release of all the people abducted in Zimbabwe by Mugabe's regime". Your friends and family will probably ask you why you are doing this. TELL THEM, then ask them to do the same. Keep your status on message until we get a clear response from SADC leaders. If you need to switch your status to something personal, do so, but make sure you switch it back to this message as soon as you can. 5. After changing your profile status, join the Facebook group called "I donated my profile status to free Jestina Mukoko". The more people who join this group and show that they are taking a stand by donating their status, the more the media will sit up and take notice of how angry we all are. If our voices grow louder and louder, maybe SADC leaders will finally wake up and stand loudly in defence of those who who should be defended, rather than those perpetuating the terror!

As Executive Director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project, Jestina is viewed as the most high-profile person to be abducted by the State to date. Her role as a human rights activist, and her work in documenting the range of human rights violations and atrocities by the Zanu PF regime, made her a threat to a despotic regime intent on holding onto power at all costs.

Her work was extremely valuable, said a human rights activist who asked not to be named. "Thanks to the Peace Project, there is now a detailed record of thousands of incidents of murder, assault, torture, arson and so on, and who the perpetrators are."

"They had just shifted from cataloguing violence, to abuse of food aid by the government, forcing people to support Mugabe or starve to death," said a human rights lawyer. "It was going to be extremely embarrassing. It's clear the CIO (Central Intelligence Organisation, Mr Mugabe's secret police) want to stop it."

As well as Jestina, the following people were  abducted. They are:

1. Concillia Chinanzvavana, the MDC Mashonaland West provincial Chairperson of the Women's Assembly, a former parliamentary candidate for Zvimba South and a member of the MDC National Council. 2. Her husband, Emmanuel Chinanzvana, who is a councillor for Ward 25 in Zvimba South. 3. Fidelis Chiramba, Zvimba South district chairperson, who stood as an MDC senatorial candidate for Zvimba in the March 29 elections. 4. Ernest Mudimu, MDC parliamentary candidate for Zvimba North in the March 29 elections. 5. Fanwell Tembo, MDC Zvimba South youth organiser. 6. Terry Musona, MDC deputy provincial secretary. 7. Lloyd Tarumbwa, MDC activist. 8. Violet Mupfuranhehwe, wife to MDC Zvimba South youth chairperson – Collen Mutemagawo. 9. Collen Mutemagawo, MDC Zvimba South youth chairperson. 10. A two year-old child belonging to Mupfuranhehwe and Mutemagawo. 11. Pieat Kaseke, MDC activist. 12. Gwenzi Kahiya, MDC activist. 13. Tawanda Bvumo, MDC activist from Chitungwiza. 14. Agrippa Kakonda, MDC activist. 15. Larry Gaka, MDC activist. 16. Chris Dlamini, MDC activist 17. a person known as Baba vaSarudzayi 18. Jestina Mukoko 19. Zacharia Nkomo, brother of Harrison Nkomo, one of the lawyers working on Jestina's case 20. Broderick Takawira, Zimbabwe Peace Project Provincial Coordinator 21. Pascal Gonzo, Zimbabwe Peace Project driver 22. Gandhi Mudzingwa, former personal assistant to MDC President, and Prime Minister designate, Morgan Tsvangirai 23. Andrisson (Shadreck) Manyere, freelance accredited journalist 24. Graham Matehwa, MDC youth chairperson for Ward 26, Makoni South. Abducted 17 Dec. Two of the abductors identified as Isaac Dangirwa and Lucky Chingara. 25. Bothwell Pasipamire MDC youth Kadoma Central constituency, Mashonaland West. Abducted weekend of 13 Dec. 26. Peter Munyanyi MDC, Gutu North ward 8, abducted Uchinda Business Centre, week of 15 Dec, by armed soldiers led by a colonel. Enough!


louis says:

Zimbabwe is reported to have tried, convicted and executed 16 soldiers who were part of the group that ran amok, beating up bank staff and smashing windows in the city centre on Monday.
The Zimbabwe Mail reported that self-imposed President , Robert Mugabe, had ordered the execution of 16 rioting soldiers and the sentence was carried out by members of the Presidential Guard death squads at their camp in Dzivarasekwa.
Three others were reported to have died during torture, probably to extract “confessions” which would later be used to pick up any members of the force suspected on being disloyal to Mugabe.
The killing would also have been calculated to instil fear in the workers and civic activists who are planning to demonstrate in the capital this morning - for the same cause that the soldiers died for.
The soldiers had waited in queues all day to withdraw their money from a bank in what has become normal for poor people in Zimbabwe – an institutionalisation of the gross incompetence of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, Gideon Gono, who has just been rewarded with another term of office.
The Mail reported that a fast track Court Marshal at Army Head Quarters, KG6 Barracks, was presided over by retired High Court Judge, Major General George Chiweshe, sitting with three assessors - two Majors and a Captain.
Chiweshe is the same man who presided over the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission which held the results of the Presidential election in March for five weeks before announcing a result that left Morgan Tsvangirai less than one percentage point below the 50+ required to avoid a run-off with Mugabe.
He is the legal cutting edge of what observers say is military junta presided over by a civilian President. Prior to his appointment to the High Court bench he was the Director of Army Legal Services (DLS).
Chiweshe and his assessors passed death sentences on the 16 soldiers and the sentence was signed by Robert Mugabe just before midnight to allow the executions to be carried out around 4 am in the presence of a military doctor.
The 16 soldiers executed on Tuesday morning are believed to have been arrested during the skirmishes with police in the last few days.
Soldiers’ Execution Overshadows Demo
Written by Makusha Mugabe
Wednesday, 03 December 2008

Submitted by louis on 6 December 2008 - 11:49pm

thsi has to be the last starw is the world really this blind

Submitted by mark longhurst on 7 December 2008 - 4:06am

ithink i am repaeting myself-you need to collect your support from the Australian diaspora and throw out the zanupf illegals in Australia

Submitted by mark longhurst on 7 December 2008 - 4:07am
Faraway says:

I've sent a message to all email addresses in action database for Jestina, but many of them bounce back. Any idea why, what I'm doing wrong or is my email address taken as spam?

Submitted by Faraway on 7 December 2008 - 6:14am
Sokwanele says:

@Faraway - That's a constant problem. Frankly, I think its a symptom of governments that don't want to be contacted or held accountable by the public. Can you let us know which addresses came back so we can all try and find alternatives?

Submitted by Sokwanele on 7 December 2008 - 1:22pm
James says:

I read with a heavy heart the goings on in Zimbabwe. But with all due respect do you really beleive that the toothless organisation SADC really has the " balls" to stand up to the murderous arsehole mugabe? Not on their performance in Johannesburg a while back..

Mugabe has given us the way forward - he said something along these lines - Zimbabwean problems shouls be solve by Zimbabweans.


Submitted by James on 7 December 2008 - 10:07pm says:

The truth is that we have tried all peaceable means to negotiate with Zanu PF. They think that we are all afraid of their bullying tactics, fact is that they now need to sleep with one eye open 'cause pay-back is coming soon! We are tired of greedy, incompetent, tyrannic, miserable, Godless, senile, uninspired, thieving and murderous robots who have become a bad excuse for African-styled politics. Who will you rule with pride when all the people are so impoverished and diseased, standing next to other World leaders to tell them you have a brain. What folly!

Submitted by on 8 December 2008 - 1:48am
Nicole says:

America and Britain don't care much about what is happening in Zimbabwe. They invaded Iraq and killed Saddam and you know why, because there is oil in Iraq. What has Zimbabwe to offer - nothing. If Zimbabwe still had all those white people, UK and the US would have taken action against Robert a long time ago. The blacks will be left to die like in Rwanda, Somalia, etc. I wish I could raise enough money to get a suicide bomber and kill Robert Mugabe, that's how I feel right now. This is beyond depressing and no word in the dictionary can describe the cruelty of Robert and his army generals, police chief and all those surrounding him. How does his wife feel seeing all these people dying. Hospitals closed, no food, no drinking water, no medicine, no nothing, this is sad. Robert need to be taken out. Someone need to use a silencer on this SOB.

Submitted by Nicole on 8 December 2008 - 10:58am
amos dhliwayo says:

mugabe and his security agents must release all opposition political activist now now.lets remove him violent like yesterday .

Submitted by amos dhliwayo on 8 December 2008 - 12:29pm
mupanduki says:

If Zimbabwe had oil then this would not have come to such a situation. The world is really happy see people of Zimbabwe suffer under a dictator. Some even dine and support him especially SADC because ZANU PF is a liberation party. To an ordinary Zimbabwean they are helping to kill SADC can safely be to blame for the deaths in Zimbabwe because they support a doctator

Submitted by mupanduki on 8 December 2008 - 2:43pm


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Latest comments

Mourning the loss of hope and security in the wake of a shamelessly stolen election: what can we do?

Kenneth Donald : 09 August 2013

Bless you Rose for your gracious e-mail and your prayerful concern for your people of Zimbabwe. As a Christian in Scotland,we pray for Zimbabwe at thisdifficult & painful time. May the Lord...

M.Spinks : 07 August 2013

Thank you for your words - as a Zimbabwean living in the UK now, I have been feeling very depressed about the election results and also angry with the corrupt, immoral and insane ZANU-PF party....

Eugene Visser : 06 August 2013

Brilliantly sad article. 

Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

I stab at...

Debra : 06 August 2013

Thank-you for writing this beautiful heartfelt letter, for sharing what you have shared. It is so unbelievably wrong that your lives in your country are held 'hostage' by this farcical power-...

Rose Brent : 06 August 2013

Reading this has brought back so many unhappy memories and hopes and dreams that have been shatered.... I can hear and feel your pain. I too am a Zimbabwean and am treated like I am an Alien...

Ros Lindley : 06 August 2013

I am not Zimbabwean, but I applaud your bravery to speak out.  I wish you well and I apologise for my president's congratulations of the elections and the result.  My prayers and love are with you...

TERENCE fRENCH : 06 August 2013

Another stolen election, and confirmation that the choice to emigrate frommy homeland has been justified by history. What a cruel oppressive government.

Estelle O'Reilly : 05 August 2013

A few weeks before the elections, my husband and I checked online to see if we were registered to vote. We were both registered, and under Ward 10 in Kadoma Central. When we got inside, I was on...

Anonymous : 05 August 2013

This article captures my feelings at the moment perfectly. Thank you so much for writing this. The people of Zimbabwe are not stupid, and we can hope that in the end justice will prevail. The...

ZANU PF Manifesto: Team Zanu PF 2013

Musimuvi : 07 August 2013

Doe it not hurt to work up and find your self so wrong, now that the results are out. Next time please do not speak on behalf of the people whom you seem to have completely no clue about.

Sometimes I hate to be Zimbabwean

Nhamodzenyika Freedom : 07 August 2013

Simon great article know that you do not stand alone  there are lots of zimbabweans who feel the same way

Statement by the Government of Botswana on the 2013 Election in the Republic of Zimbabwe

buxus-hans : 06 August 2013

oneparty claims victory; it is all a lie and the bill will come as investors now pull out of Zimbabwe.Which means more hardship for the families who already have a hard life....

Declaration by the High Representative Catherine Ashton on behalf of the EU on the elections in Zimbabwe

Abel Rumbwere : 05 August 2013

new look zimbabwe

marco camoronezi : 04 August 2013

Congratulations to Zimbabwe for a peaceful election that certainly deserves thumps up from all corners of the globe.After all this is an election like no other but one that is bound to be...

judy van aard : 04 August 2013

Anybody who believes it was free and fair whn it was so obviouslyy

ririgged is a complete idiot. ZANU had it so tied up they didn't even to use violence. SADSADC and the AU worship Mugabe...

President Tsvangirai’s statement to the press after the MDC national council meeting, Harare, 3 August 2013

mucha : 03 August 2013

Mr Tsvangson, pliz accept defeat and that will retain credibility as a leader. You didn't do your home work properly. You didn't encourage your supporters to register and relied on the same voters...

ZEC Results: announced 1 August 2013

mafana : 02 August 2013

Zim political parties should think about the people's welfare and not self willed personal interests.Voter margins show in mos places a united front would have brought about a different result.

When youths become too important

ZANDILE : 01 August 2013

Finally, somebody shares my thoughts! I feel sorry for these youths and their parents.

This time I will rise up

Immie : 31 July 2013

God bless you. You have my support.

Forces of evil lurking in the dark

True Grit : 31 July 2013

One can only hope that the result will be a positive one for Zimbabwe's future.